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Vlad Gutkovsky

Vlad Gutkovsky - Director Director

Vlad Gutkovsky is a QlikView™ Certified Developer, Designer, and Server/Publisher specialist. He has 9+ years of experience with complex Network and Systems infrastructures, Pre-Sales, consulting, and analytics development projects. He specializes in Business Intelligence (BI) using the QlikView™ software platform, and is widely recognized as among the top 10 world experts in QlikView™ development, analysis and Server/Publisher implementations. He is adept at quickly implementing advanced analysis and visualization techniques to unearth major new business insights, and is expert in extracting, transforming, analyzing, visualizing, and presenting data from diverse business areas in novel and insightful ways to enable Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-level executives to take informed action. His industry experience includes Manufacturing, Labor, Marketing/PR, Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Insurance, Trading and Retail. He is a recognized industry leader that has appeared on QlikView™ thought leadership panels to discuss the future of Business Discovery.