Qlik Senseâ„¢ Development / Design

At Infinity Insight, we leverage our dozens of combined years of unparalleled Qlik expertise to create Qlik Sense™ applications that provide insights that are effective, actionable, and visually appealing.



The conundrum with Qlik Sense (and, to a lesser degree, even QlikView and other full-service BI solutions) is this: you are inherently limited by the visualization options that have been provided to you. Using only out-of-the-box native Sense objects is a road that usually leads to frustration, as many basic design and styling features are simply not available. And even when using more robust third party extensions, you are still limited by what has occurred to the developers to create.

These limitations are fundamentally incompatible with Infinity Insight's vision. Our consultants are experts in the art of data visualization, and have strong views on which types of visualizations work best for different clients, data sets, and stories. We refuse to be bound by solutions that have already been created, because that takes tools out of our toolbox. Isn't it time we stop working backwards? Because that is precisely what happens when you start with a technology and try to make a business solution fit.

Instead, our own extension developers are able to use Qlik Sense's powerful open API to create literally anything our BI consultants can imagine. This effectively unties our hands in a way that few boutique firms can boast: our only concern is creating the best possible designs to meet our clients needs in every respect, confident in the knowledge that the necessary technology can quickly be created if it does not already exist. If we can whiteboard something (and even if we can't!), we can build it in Qlik Sense. And because all parts of the final application are created by Infinity Insight, everything (including all extensions) are supported for life*. If that intrigues you, please get in touch so we can start exploring how Infinity Insight can help your organization!


* Infinity Insight will provide clients with free support for all purchased extensions for life, using SLAs defined in the then-current support policy. Support does not apply to extensions that have been modified from the original version provided by Infinity Insight, or those that are installed in systems that do not meet the requirements defined in the relevant extension manual. Support does not apply to free extensions, which are provided as-is.