QlikView™ Development / Design

QlikView™ offers users the power to discover their business like never before through the use of associative data modeling techniques that load data directly into resident memory for lightning-fast retrieval. A robust data model is absolutely essential for optimized QlikView™ performance. Because QlikView’s data modeling is performed associatively, improper or redundant associations have a dramatic affect both on application performance and data accuracy, and will often make the task of writing user-interface expressions needlessly complex. Infinity Insight’s team of expert consultants specialize in optimizing QlikView™ data models for exceptional performance while maintaining the highest levels of data quality.


Using techniques laid out by innovators such as Stephen Few, Infinity Insight provides dashboards that are unrivaled by any other QlikView™ implementer. Our visual solutions will allow you and your users to quickly and easily view the trends relevant to your business. We specialize in taking the mystery out of Business Intelligence and empowering users for faster and more accurate decision-making.



We are excited to announce that you can now download a sample of our work to see our design innovations for yourself! This example was created with the widely available Superstore Sales fake data set from Tableau. Please note that a licensed copy of QlikView Desktop is needed to view the application.