Qlik Sense SharePoint Token Refresher

Most people know that Qlik Sense can establish connections to SharePoint 365 sites. But many may not know that this data source comes with a significant downside: the authentication token that is entered when the connection is established expires in 90 days.

That means that the connection will stop working every 90 days and will remain broken until an administrator can paste in a new token. Even worse, each connection's 90-day clock runs independently; manually managing token expirations in organizations with connections to many SharePoint sites can be extremely time consuming. Let Infinity Insight's SharePoint Token Refresher for Qlik Sense do the work for you! This tool will automatically scan through all SharePoint 365 data connections and update the connections with refreshed tokens, ensuring that connections never stop working. The refresher can be set to run on a simple scheduler so once you set it you can forget it! To find out more, contact us today!