Bookmark Manager

Bookmarks, or saved views/filters, are a popular way that virtually all users interact with BI applications. But many BI vendors add bookmarks to their applications as an afterthought with a feature set that is usually not particularly rich. The Infinity Insight bookmark manager unlocks the full collaborative potential of bookmarks with powerful yet intuitive features that you will find nowhere else.

Key benefits of the Bookmark Manager include:

  • Integration - The Bookmark Manager easisly integrates into your existing applications with a slide-out interface that is both attractive and unobtrusive.
  • Edit/Replace - Edit and replace existing bookmarks to reflect updated selections.
  • Sharing - Advanced sharing controls allow users to share bookmarks with specific named users, teams, or across an app's entire user community.
  • Search - Easily search across all your bookmarks as well as bookmarks that have been shared with you.
  • Admin Controls - Users with admin rights can create bookmarks on behalf of others and can view, edit, delete, or share bookmarks owned by other users.

To find out more about the Bookmark Manager or to view a live demo, contact us today!