If you are in the manufacturing industry, you already understand how critical two particular key performance indicators (KPIs) are to your business: (1) Sales, and (2) Demand Forecast. Fortunately, so do we. In the manufacturing world, we understand that time moves at a different pace and million-dollar decisions need to be taken months in advance on data that is often imperfect at best.

The expert consultants at Infinity Insight will work closely with your subject matter experts to both implement existing demand forecast algorithms into QlikView™ as well as develop new ones based on our own rich experience. When building your custom dashboard, we take into account all relevant Sales history, inventory information, and weeks-of-supply data for your top distributors to provide the most accurate possible sales and demand forecast predictions. And, even after the dashboards have been delivered, we will continue to provide support in tweaking data sources and algorithms as business needs arise.