Complete Data Warehouse Redesign

Our client, a medical billing company, faced significant challenges with their existing data architecture. Their primary billing software fed data into a Microsoft SQL Server database daily. However, over the years, the software had been extensively customized through in-house development efforts to transform the data into formats preferred by downstream reporting systems. This approach made it impossible to deploy updates from the software vendor without breaking the intricate customizations, hindering the company's ability to leverage the latest features and improvements.

Infinity Insight embarked on a comprehensive 10-month, 8-stage project to redesign the client's data warehouse from the ground up. We began by thoroughly understanding the current environments, data flows, and business rules, documenting the existing data landscape and defining requirements for the target architecture. Our team then established development and testing environments, ensuring that the redesign efforts could proceed without impacting production systems.

Through a series of carefully planned stages, we built a robust, scalable, and future-proof data warehouse architecture. We implemented a data landing zone (DLZ) to ingest raw data from the billing software, followed by a data transformation zone (DTZ) to apply business logic and rules. The final reporting zone (RPT) combined data from multiple DTZ tables into optimized data marts for reporting purposes. Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with the client's Qlik development team to validate the new flows and ensure a seamless transition to the new architecture. The successful implementation of the redesigned data warehouse empowered our client with a modern, flexible, and extensible solution that could easily adapt to evolving business needs and software updates.