Data Integration + BI Design + Enterprise Reporting

Prior to engaging Infinity Insight, our client, a mid-sized healthcare organization, faced significant challenges in leveraging their data effectively. With a multitude of raw vendor files received monthly, the data was mired in inconsistencies, formatting issues, and quality problems. Extracting valuable insights from this disjointed data landscape proved to be a challenging task, hindering their ability to make informed decisions and deliver optimal patient care.

Infinity Insight's data integration and BI experts stepped in to streamline the organization's data processes. We implemented a robust data integration pipeline that ingested and transformed the vendor files, consolidating them into a centralized data store. This centralized repository served as the foundation for a powerful, custom-built business intelligence (BI) application that we developed from the ground up. Additionally, we integrated the BI application's outputs into two critical downstream systems: an enterprise reporting solution that emailed intelligent reports to doctors each month, as well as via API integration directly into the client's electronic medical records (EMR) system.

The transformative impact of Infinity Insight's solutions was profound. By providing a comprehensive view of their data through the BI application, our client witnessed a remarkable 60% improvement in overall patient metrics. Doctors gained access to intelligent reports and patient data at the point of care, leading to enhanced treatment decisions and increased patient satisfaction. Moreover, the streamlined data processes and automated reporting capabilities yielded significant efficiency gains, eliminating the need for manual data analysis and freeing up valuable resources.