Server Stabilization & Rearchitecture

Commercial users at our client, a large Japan company, had been using Qlik Sense as their preferred BI solution for several years. As the popularity of Qlik grew, so did the numbers of both users and applications. The single on-premise server, while originally well-suited to the needs of all users, became inadequate to accommodate the increased workload, with frequent CPU spikes caused by self-service analyses impacting true production users.

The Qlik Server Cloud Migration project alleviated these performance bottlenecks by creating two distinct new environments in the cloud, one for self-service analytics and the other for managed production use cases. The project was a massive undertaking involving the carefully coordinated migration, testing, and updating of over 1,000 unique applications to minimize business disruption and impact. This project has been particularly key in the wake of the client executing an enterprise licensing agreement (ELA) with Qlik which, with its unlimited licensing scheme, has caused an ever-increasing demand for Qlik among users. This project unlocked the full potential of that ELA for our client.