Pharma Field Analytics Modernization

Our client, a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer, maintained a series of applications for US commercial field sales reporting built on the QlikView software platform. These applications first rolled out in 2014 and, over time, grew to serve six sales forces. However, while enhancements to reports were frequently made, the underlying tech stack always remained the same. Business owners wanted to leverage Qlik Sense as a more modern BI platform to power the suite of apps, but efforts were abandoned in 2020 after it proved impossible to create an attractive and performant report using only native Qlik Sense capabilities. Infinity Insight was brought in to solve this impasse.

The key tenets underlying the final apps that Infinity Insight created are standardization, scalability, and reusability.

  • Central Data Model: The applications for all six sales forces are powered by a central data model. Built in Qlik itself, this model contains all US field-facing sales & activity data, as well as a sophisticated engine that allows business rules to be set on the fly. By building on a central model, we created a single source of truth and radically simplify business data validations.
  • Modular Design: Each individual app consists of a collection of modules (charts, tables, etc.). These modules are reusable between the various apps, such that each subsequent app leverages and builds upon the achievements of its predecessors and enhancements flow to all apps as a framework.
  • Boundless Potential: Combining the powerful native capabilities of Qlik Sense with modern web technologies unlocked tremendous potential in terms of both performance gains and functionality that consistently thrilled our ultimate customers.