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Impressions from Qonnections

In May 2016, Infinity Insight had the opportunity to participate in the largest Qlik conference of the year, Qonnections. We had a great time networking, learning, and partying!

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Mathematical Series in QlikView: An Exercise in Advanced Syntax

Covering concatenated value-loops, dollar-sign expansion, nested dollar-sign expansion, and variable parameters!

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Setting a Default Domain with QlikView Web Form Authentication

This article will demonstrate a simple code change that you can implement to automatically prepend a domain name to a username during a web form authentication logon!

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Better QlikView Trend Lines

Build your own completely customizable trend lines in QlikView!

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Disable Small Device Version in QlikView AccessPoint

This article will demonstrate a simple way to disable the “Small Device Version” default client on mobile devices and have all QlikView applications open in the normal “Full Browser Version” client!

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Speeding Up Conditional Expressions

Most QlikView developers have experienced first-hand the havoc that a complex conditional expression can wreak on the performance of their otherwise beautiful application. In this article, we discuss a simple way that some of these expressions can be improved to … Continue reading

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Logging Out of QlikView Apps

Build a “Log Out” button directly in your QlikView applications!

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Pausing & Stopping QlikView Scripts

In our first video blog, we discuss how to gracefully pause and stop QlikView scripts, so that execution can be resumed later without existing script progress being lost!

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"AND" and "NOT" List Boxes in QlikView

When you select multiple values of a single filter in QlikView, the native behavior is an “OR” operation‒charts will display data points that are associated with any of the selected filter values. This article will show you how you can … Continue reading

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Conditional Back/Forward Buttons

A neat feature of QlikView’s built-in back/forward buttons is that they are available only when relevant‒i.e. when a back or forward selection is possible. This article will teach you how to create this same conditional effect in your own back … Continue reading

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