To Automatically Prompt for QlikView IE PlugIn Install

Background: A common problem that many QlikView-using organizations encounter is difficulty in pushing out QlikView Analyzer for Internet Explorer (AKA the IE Plugin) to their end-users. Although it is possible to perform a silent install on client computers using Group Policies, there are several disadvantages to doing so, including: time consumption, planning for users with multiple computers, and the necessity for intervention by domain administrators. The following mod simplifies the process by checking whether the user's browser is Internet Explorer 32-bit without the IE Plugin installed and, if so, will prompt the user to install the plugin.

Note: Temporary Internet Files may need to be deleted on browsers that have previously visited the AccessPoint in order for this to function correctly. Please also note that this fix was written with ver. 9 in mind, and I have not tested it with ver. 10.

Step 1: Copy the file QvPluginRedist.exe into folder Program FilesQlikViewWeb (or the corresponding installation folder if setup was customized)

Step 2: Open QvAccessPoint.js and replace function CheckPlugin (which starts on line 502) with this:

function CheckPlugin() {
    pluginEnabled = false
    try {
        if(ActiveXObject) {
            var _ = new ActiveXObject("QlikTech.QlikOcxCtrl");
            pluginEnabled = true;
    } catch(e) {}
    if(pluginEnabled != true && navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer"
    && window.navigator.cpuClass == "x86"){
            window.location = 'http://servername/QlikView/QvPluginRedist.exe';
            pluginEnabled = true;

Step 3: Replace servername with the name of the server (not localhost), and save and close the file.

If you prefer for your users to not be prompted for installation, a domain admin can push out the IE Plugin to users with one of the following methods:
  • With log: msiexec /i “C:Program FilesQlikViewServerQvClientsQvPluginQvPluginSetup.msi “ /l*v C:FolderInstallation_Log.txt /quiet
  • Without log: msiexec /i “C:Program FilesQlikViewServerQvClientsQvPluginQvPluginSetup.msi” /quiet

These commands can either be run locally on client machines or pushed out via a GPO (Group Policy Object).

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7 Responses to To Automatically Prompt for QlikView IE PlugIn Install

  1. Philip Doyne says:

    Dear Vlad,

    Thanks for this – do you know how to get hold of the v11 Plugin MSI – it all seems to be .EXE now and I do not think I can use this with Group Policy to install to locked down PC’s. Can you help.


  2. Vlad Gutkovsky says:

    Hi, Philip.

    This post is technically not related to what the article describes, but you’re right, GPOs can only push out MSI files, not EXEs. You can try to use a utility like EXE To MSI Converter (freeware) to convert the Plugin EXE to MSI. You can download the software on CNET or by googling it. I’m not sure if it will work as I have not tried this myself yet.

    I also like the alternative of using startup scripts along with EXEs in silent mode. For example, you can add switches to the QvPluginSetup.exe file to allow for silent installation: QvPluginSetup.exe /S /v/qn

    You should be able to place the EXE into a shared directory and set the AD to run this startup script on user login.


  3. Tim Norton says:

    I’m trying to find out if there is a way to install the plugin through IE. I set this up and it’s working to the point of launching the installer, but all the users have limited accounts.
    I’d like to have them install this themselves. They are not administrators on their computers.
    I would appreciate any help that you could offer.


  4. Vlad Gutkovsky says:

    Tim, if they are not admins on the machines they can’t perform a software installation. This is a Windows restriction, not a QlikView restriction. An alternative you may have to consider is installation via GPO.


  5. Kenn Bahne Hansen says:

    Very usefull info.
    But how do you uninstall old plugins over AccessPoint or GPO ?
    I have seen pc’s with several plugin versions installed.
    Any suggestions ?
    Kenn Bahne Hansen

  6. Vlad Gutkovsky says:


    If you take a look at the Server Reference Manual (installed in C:ProgramDataQliktech) , you’ll find the information you’re looking for in Chapter 23, starting on page 129. Qliktech didn’t document a way to uninstall old versions of the plugin, but I think you should be able to do it the usual way you uninstall software over GPO. Google “uninstalling software via GPO” and see the first discussion that comes up (sorry, I had to ban URLs in comments because of spam).


  7. Jerzie says:

    Sind Sie im Besitz einer gultigen Lizenz sein und haben aber nicht die Moglichkeit, die Lizenz-Aktivierungsdaten vom Qlik Lizenz-Server abzurufen, konnen Sie diese beim Qlik Support Service anfordern.

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