Create a Qlik Sense-style Selections Bar in QlikView

We all know that Qlik Sense provides this nifty selections bar at the top of every sheet.

As I rather like the design of this bar (and suspect other QlikView loyalists do as well), I decided to recreate it as much as possible in QlikView as a modular/plug-and-play solution:

I intentionally omitted the Back and Forward buttons because I don't really like how those behave in QlikView, where they take variable states into account the same as field selection states. The nice thing with QlikView is that you can create a more customized type of bar; the Qlik Sense one is great, but you are a bit locked-in stylistically.
To insert this "breadcrumb trail" into your own application, simply download the above QVW and:
  1. Delete the example list boxes and info text from the middle of the sheet
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+S to reveal all hidden objects. Press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to copy all objects. Then switch to your own application and press Ctrl+V to paste them.
  3. Open the load script and copy the Breadcrumb Config tab to your own application (make it the first tab). Follow the instructions on the Breadcrumb Config tab to set the variables and field orders however you want.
  4. If you elected to specify field orders in step 3, don't forget to drop the table BreadcrumbOrderTemp at the end of your load script.
  5. Reload your application, and you're in business!
Bonus tip: If your application allows users to make selections directly on date fields, you can combine the "breadcrumb trail" experience with the tip in an older post to present date selections in a more attractive way.
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One Response to Create a Qlik Sense-style Selections Bar in QlikView

  1. Andreas says:

    Very nice!

    The selections takes a tiny bit longer cause of the calculations but I think it’s worth it.
    Going to try on one application and see what the users think 🙂

    Thanks for posting this!

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