Disable Small Device Version in QlikView AccessPoint

This article will demonstrate a simple way to disable the "Small Device Version" default client on mobile devices and have all QlikView applications open in the normal "Full Browser Version" client!

The "Small Device Version" is a alternate client that is available when users navigate to the AccessPoint from a tablet or mobile phone. In an effort to maximize screen real estate on these smaller mobile devices, the Small Device Version client shows users one QlikView object at a time rather than one sheet at a time. While this view may have certain limited advantages, its main drawback is that sheet design is totally lost. Designers often put a great deal of thought into object placement within a sheet in order to encourage users to view certain objects together or generally give them additional context. Displaying objects individually often robs users of this additional value. And while this view would not be so problematic if it was simply another available client, QlikView unfortunately makes it the default client:

This invariable leads to annoyance, as users accidentally open applications in the Small Device Version client or, alternatively, need to manually go through the process of selecting the "Full Browser Version" client on their individual mobile devices. While it is not possible to either disable the Small Device Version client entirely or to set the Full Browser Version client as the default through the QlikView Management Console, disabling it with a tiny code modification is actually quite simple.
To do so, navigate to your Web\js folder (default path: C:\Program Files\QlikView\Web\js). Open the file accessPoint.js in a text editor (create a backup of this file prior to modifying it). I recommend running it through a JavaScript beautifier to make the file easier to read. Search for the phrase prefClient === "AjaxOnSmallDevices" which should appear at approximately line 1200, but may vary depending on your QlikView version. You will see the following IF statement starting at that line:

Immediately after this statement, insert the following lines of code:

Breaking this down step-by-step: (1) the first line in this code snippet sets the preferred client on the mobile device to the Full Browser Version, (2) the second line physically selects "Full Browser Version" in the radio buttons shown in the screenshot above, and (3) the remaining code hides the green bar at the top of the screen and the radio buttons.
As always, happy Qliking!
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6 Responses to Disable Small Device Version in QlikView AccessPoint

  1. Eric VanCurler says:

    Vlad, nice post. Does this also work inside of the QlikView application (downloaded from the appstore) as well, or just when accessing the access portal via a web browse (such as safari). Thanks!

    • Hi, Eric. This solution is just for browsers. The app that is available from the iTunes store always opens everything in the Full Browser client anyway, as far as I’m aware.


  2. Amir Tauv says:

    Well done

  3. Aadil says:

    Thanks! Worked like a charm!

  4. Sebastian says:

    This was a great feature, unfortunatly whis exact code wont work on newer releases of QlikView like Qlikview 12. We tried to modify the solution as access point architechture stays mosty the same but were not able to reproduce the results. Is it possible to add a solution for current versions?

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