Customize AccessPoint Format

QlikView AccessPoint is a portal through which users can access their applications. Users have the option to view applications available to them in either a "thumbnail" or detailed list format. By default, these 2 options cannot be changed. However, a small modification to the AccessPoint web files allows an administrator to disable either the thumbnail or detailed view.


To set default view
Open the file C:Program FilesQlikViewWebQvAccessPoint.js. Find line 122 (ver. 9) or line 126 (ver. 10), which should read:

var view = node.getAttribute("view");

To disable Thumbnail view, replace the line with:

var view = "Details";

To disable Detail view, replace the line with:

var view = "Thumbnails";

Save and close the file.


To disable user view changes
Open the file C:Program FilesQlikViewWebindex.htm. Delete line 60 (ver. 9) or line 61 (ver. 10), which should read:

<td><span avq=".View_text">View</span>: <select avq="edit:.View"></select></td>

Save and close the file.

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3 Responses to Customize AccessPoint Format

  1. Vladimir Komarov says:


    I’ve tried disabling the Thumbnails view on v.11.20 using your approach above but it does not work.
    Do you know how it could be done on that version?


  2. Vlad, do you need to actually disable it or just change the default? You can now change the global default easily by editing C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer\config.xml and modifying the tag from “Thumbnails” to “Details”


  3. Vladimir Komarov says:

    I was looking for complete disabling option (client does not want to see the application’s snapshot as an AccessPoint icon), but have found a workaround by changing the “Document Thumbnail” option in Doc’s properties.

    Thanks for tip about modifying the default option.


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