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Make Your Own Image Server

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Setting a Default Domain with QlikView Web Form Authentication

This article will demonstrate a simple code change that you can implement to automatically prepend a domain name to a username during a web form authentication logon!

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Disable Small Device Version in QlikView AccessPoint

This article will demonstrate a simple way to disable the “Small Device Version” default client on mobile devices and have all QlikView applications open in the normal “Full Browser Version” client!

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Logging Out of QlikView Apps

Build a “Log Out” button directly in your QlikView applications!

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QlikView Ticketing in an Apache/Linux Environment

This article will describe one method of creating a Single Sign On (SSO) system to authenticate QlikView users originating from a Apache-based portal.

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Selectively allow QVW download

One of the client options that are available for accessing applications via the AccessPoint is “Download.” Selecting “Download” will allow the user to download a copy of the QVW for offline analysis of the document. Most organizations, however, typically do … Continue reading

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Customize AccessPoint application windows

This article will explain how to modify certain QlikView AccessPoint web files to enable a more "application" feel to applications opened in a browser. This procedure will allow you to totally customize the look and feel of the browser window. … Continue reading

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Customize AccessPoint Format

QlikView AccessPoint is a portal through which users can access their applications. Users have the option to view applications available to them in either a "thumbnail" or detailed list format. By default, these 2 options cannot be changed. However, a … Continue reading

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To disable AJAX toolbar and context menu

For security purposes and to obtain greater control over user actions, some organizations may wish to disable the QlikView AJAX toolbar that automatically opens whenever you open a document in the AJAX client. Similarly, you may want to disable to … Continue reading

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IIS Tunneling Fix for QlikView Server

Tunneling can be an important backup for QlikView Server communications; if port 4747 is blocked for any reason (on either the server or the client machine), tunneling over port 80 will be the only way your users can access their … Continue reading

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