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Business Intelligence: Cost or Profit?

If I were selling $100 bills for $80, wouldn’t you buy as many as you could possibly get your hands on? Or would you say, sorry, my budget for discounted $100 bills this month is only $800?

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Is Self-Service a Disservice?

Is the hottest trend in BI taking us all in the wrong direction?

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Impressions from Qonnections

In May 2016, Infinity Insight had the opportunity to participate in the largest Qlik conference of the year, Qonnections. We had a great time networking, learning, and partying!

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Mathematical Series in QlikView: An Exercise in Advanced Syntax

Covering concatenated value-loops, dollar-sign expansion, nested dollar-sign expansion, and variable parameters!

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Better QlikView Trainings

What makes a training effective? How do you best convey subject matter knowledge, especially when dealing with a tool as specialized as QlikView? These are some of the questions we will explore in this article.

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