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A New Way to Visualize Flow

Waves vs. Streams

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Complementary Text Colors

Automatically pick a contrasting text color for any background!

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Make Your Own Image Server

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Offsetting Stacked Bar Charts

Exploring an unusual and powerful visualization technique.

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Thousands, Millions, or Billions?

The easy way to automatically scale your charts and tables.

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3D Color Picker

AKA the first of many forays into the world of custom visualizations!

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Create a Qlik Sense-style Selections Bar in QlikView

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Fun with Fare Classes

Part 1: Understanding Pricing

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What are the Actual Odds of Impeachment?

Two models show the chances of successfully impeaching President Trump are not good.

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ARGB vs. ColorMix for Export Transparency

How to maintain color transparency when exporting QlikView tables to Excel!

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