Business Intelligence for the Most Intellegent of Business
Who We Are

Infinity Insight is excellence in the world of Business Intelligence.

We comprise some of the industry’s top thought leadership in QlikView™ innovation, and are constantly pushing forward the state-of-the-art in BI implementations.

Founded in 2012, our company was named Infinity Insight based on the belief that a truly excellent Business Intelligence solution will have a virtually infinite number of insights. Our role is to help an organization eliminate its pain points and discover their business like never before.

Our leadership team has gained world renown for quickly and elegantly solving “impossible” problems for some of the largest and most successful organizations in the country. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to independently-owned small businesses. We have experience with industries ranging from banking to pharmaceutical to marketing, and everything in between.

Most importantly, we are intimately familiar with the specific challenges that your business faces, both in the “big picture” and on a daily basis. We are leaders. We are innovators. We are Infinity Insight. more

Exciting Trends. Relevant Discoveries.
What We Do

Knowledge is power, and Infinity Insight provides knowledge that others simply cannot. Using the market-leading QlikView™ Business Discovery platform, we provide our clients with unprecedented levels of visibility into their businesses to drive their decision-making processes. We offer unique expertise in:

  • Optimal Qlik™ associative data model designs to deliver lightning-fast analysis response times
  • Exciting and relevant front-end UIs for both QlikView™ and Qlik Sense™ that are customized to solve your unique business problems
  • Best-practice QlikView Server™ / Publisher™ implementations and customizations to provide secure and reliable solutions to your entire enterprise
  • Free! Proprietary QlikAware™ Health Checks for organizations that already use QlikView™ to ensure compliance with best practices in all aspects of the BI environment
  • Interactive and engaging QlikView™ Developer, Designer, Server, and Publisher Trainings, delivered by certified specialists
  • Elite custom-developed extensions to supercharge the effectiveness of your Qlik Sense™ applications!

Regardless of your company size, if your current BI processes are a pain-point for your business, we can help. more